Nipigon River plus SEAKER.

Nipigon River, Ontario


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"The characters are true to life with realistic problems, concerns and insecurities. Although the plot is about building the model boat, a lot of the story is about helping young girls see that they can be interested in learning about science and math and still have friends. It also explores the idea of being true to yourself and proud of who you are. Recommended.”—CM: Canadian Review of Materials. Read full review.

"Making Seaker inspires learning in the best possible way: mistake, discussion, improvement, leap for joy, mistake, testing, solution. Highly recommended.”— Eileen Holland, award-winning author of the chapter books Sophie Trophy and Sophie Trophy Too. Read full review.

Kristin B review MS "Making Seaker is a great read for kids. It is a wonderful transition vehicle to help youngsters make that move from early chapter books to middle grade novels. The friendship thread will ring true with many kids, and the adventure aspect of the re-enactment of Paddle-to-the-Sea will stir the imaginations of many to attempt something similar.”— Kristin Butcher, author of The Seer Trilogy. Read full review.

"I loved how the author included a STEM focus woven throughout and the perseverance and growth of the main character. This is a wonderful book to use in the classroom as so many activities and learning opportunities can be taken from it.”— Nikki Bergstresser, author of Lila Lou’s Little Library: A Gift From the Heart. Read full review.

"Making Seaker is a fantastic story. It’s so inspiring to read STEM stories for girls that are true to our children’s experiences today. Karen has created real characters with real life challenges. It also helps kids to reflect on what kind of creative ideas they can explore. I give this one 5 bright stars for sure.”— Lucille Charlton, responding to this blog post.

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"This story will appeal to any child who feels like they stand alone, who likes building projects and seeing them to the end, and anyone who thinks that no one else makes mistakes but them.”— Loraine Kemp, children’s book author and illustrator. Read full review.